Colombia Lisandro Cardenas (100% Sidra) Filter

Floral and delicate, with hints of orange blossom and a subtle white vermouth finish.


  • Info
    The Season’s Best Lisandro Cardenas is an extremely limited offering and we will be roasting to order on Thursdays only. Any orders placed on backorder will be roasted the following Thursday.

    This unique and exceptional microlot was grown by pioneering producer Lisandro Cardenas at his farm Finca Las Brisas in the La Primavera neighbourhood of Acevdeo, Huila. We have selected this microlot as a Season’s Best coffee for 2020, as one of the shining examples of what a unique and rare variety, combined with exceptional processing and handling after picking, can achieve.

    This microlot consists of 100% Sidra variety, which is a novel strain of the old-world Bourbon variety. The Sidra varietal was developed by Nestle in Ecuador, but only became famous in the last 4 years, as baristas started winning regional and national barista competitions – the current World Barista Champion used this varietal in her performance.

    In 2017 Lisandro managed to get his hands on some Sidra seeds from Ecuador and is the first grower in Huila to produce this unique varietal.

  • Technical Details
    • Producer: Lisandro Cardenas
    • Farm Name: Finca Las Brisas
    • Processing: Washed
    • Variety: 100% Sidra
    • Harvest: December 2019 to February 2020
    • Altitude: 1700 – 2000 masl
    • Region: La Primavera, Acevedo, Huila

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