Colombia La Estrella Gesha (Black Honey) Filter

Vibrant and syrupy, with elderflower florals, mandarin-like acidity and an Earl Grey tea finish.


per 250g

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    Season’s Best

    We are delighted to introduce our latest Season’s Best offering from Finca La Estrella, Colombia. This 100% Gesha microlot is produced by Jairo Ivan Lopez in the Quindío Department, located in the western central region of Colombia.

    At altitudes up to 1800 masl, the Gesha plants benefit from the ideal growing conditions; fertile volcanic soil, average temperatures of 20°C – 26°C, and 2100mm – 2300mm annual rainfall. Combined with meticulous picking and processing, Jairo is able to produce a truly unique coffee, bursting with elderflower florals.

    While the coffee is grown at Finca La Estrella, processing is completed at La Pradera washing station, who specialise in different processing and fermentation techniques, including black honey and natural. All coffee at La Estrella is carefully hand picked by a group of trained pickers, assuring only the ripest cherries are picked and sent on to La Pradera. The black honey process involves leaving the majority of mucilage (the sugary, gluey substance surrounding each of the two seeds) intact during drying. Black honey coffees are dried under shade and often for up to twice as long as white or yellow honey coffees.

    La Pradera features four large concrete patios with sliding roofs, providing the ability to control the weather and the amount of heat the coffee absorbs daily. The initial drying stage takes place on these patios, and the second stage takes place on raised beds. During this second stage, the fermentation time is often extended by placing cherries on the lower beds where they receive less natural light. Towards the end, the lots are moved onto higher beds to reach the desired moisture content.

    We will be roasting a limited quantity of the La Estrella Gesha on Mondays only, unfortunately any further orders will be put on hold until the next roast day.

  • Technical Details
    • Producer: Jairo Ivan Lopez
    • Farm Name: Finca La Estrella
    • Washing Station: La Pradera
    • Processing: Black Honey
    • Variety: Gesha
    • Harvest: June - August 2017
    • Altitude: 1750 - 1800 masl
    • Region: Pijao, Quindio

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