Colombia El Paraiso (Natural) Espresso

A bold, jammy coffee with ripe red fruits, winey acidity and juicy raisin sweetness.

  • Info

    Producer Diego Bermudez’ coffee journey began 12 years ago, in the municipality of Piendamó, Cauca, when he founded Finca El Paraiso. He began growing coffee on a 2.5 hectare farm owned by his family, while simultaneously studying Agricultural Enterprise Management. Seven years later, in 2015, Diego participated in his first regional competition, placing first and gaining recognition for his excellent coffees.

    Fast forward three years, where Diego ranked 10th in the 2018 Colombia Cup of Excellence with his stunning washed Bourbon. Alongside Bourbon, Diego grows Laurina, Gesha, Castillo and Colombia, with the aim to introduce more varieties and continue to produce the most consistent, high quality coffees.

    This year, we have three lot’s available from Diego including a natural process Bourbon espresso and a washed Heirloom variety filter.

    During harvest, only the ripest, handpicked, cherries are taken to the mill where they undergo fermentation for 48 hours. With the cherry still intact, the coffee is dried at 35°C in a controlled drying machine for 72 hours at 30% humidity.

    High altitudes, humid temperatures and strong Pacific winds have contributed to the high sweetness and abundance of tropical notes found in his coffees. Cherries take a low time to mature, concentrating the sugars and adding density and complexity to the final cup.

  • Technical Details
    • Producer: Diego Bermudez
    • Farm: Finca El Paraiso
    • Processing: Natural
    • Varieties: Bourbon
    • Harvest: 2018
    • Altitude: 1930 masl
    • Region: Piendamó, Cauca
  • Espresso Recipe
    • 20g

      ground coffee dose

    • 30

      seconds brew time

    • 44g

      espresso shot yield

    • 94º

      brew temperature


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