Burundi Ntamba Filter

Juicy kiwifruit, with lingering Darjeeling tea florals. Rich butterscotch sweetness and a cinnamon sugar finish.


per 250g

  • Info

    The Ntamba washing station receives coffee from smallholders located in the high hills of the Sehe region. Picked at altitudes above 1700 masl, the cherries are collected at various mountain checkpoints, examined for quality and finally transported down the mountain to Ntamba.

    Ramadhan Salum operates four washing stations in Burundi, each reflecting his passion for coffee and his commitment to the community in which he was born and raised. The Ntamba mill was recently built in 2014, and as with all of Ramadhan’s mills, all coffee received is handpicked and floated for defects before being pulped and processed.

    Once pulped, the coffee goes through a three-part process: 12 hours of dry fermentation, 12 – 16 hours of wet fermentation and finally, 15-18 days drying on African drying beds.

  • Technical Details
    • Producers: Local Smallholders
    • Processing: Washed
    • Varieties: Bourbon & Jackson
    • Harvest: 2017
    • Altitude: 1700 - 2000 masl
    • Region: Sehe, Cibitoke Province

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