Brazil Sítio Sertãozinho (Natural) Espresso

A creamy body, with plum and cashew notes, leads to a lingering sticky date sweetness. A low acidity espresso with a clean, cocoa finish.

  • Info

    Sitio Sertãozinho is located in the city of Cristina, in the south of Minas Gerais. Positioned at 1350 masl in the Serra da Mantiqueira region, Elson Benedito Daniel and his wife, Dulcilene Luciana Rocha, are dedicated to growing coffee sustainably. The farm has reserves for preserving native forests and springs, which shelter large plant species and several wild animals. In the area, it is not unusual to see such species as the maned wolf, armadillo, tamarin, guan, saffron finch, and hawk, among others.

    Once well ripened, all cherries are handpicked over cloths to avoid contact with the ground. On the same day, the ripe cherries are transported to the processing mill located on the farm. The coffee is processed naturally and dried on concrete patios with the cherry intact. Once the ideal moisture level has been reached, the coffee is placed in wooden granaries to rest for at least 30 days. After resting, the beans are processed and stored in COCARIVE warehouses in Carmo de Minas.

    Since beginning production 40 years ago, Sítio Sertãozinho has relied upon the guidance of specialists and agronomists from COCARIVE; an important organisation, providing guidance to its members along all parts of the production chain including cultivation, machinery and storage.

  • Technical Details
    • Producer: Elson Benedito Daniel
    • Processing: Natural
    • Varieties: Yellow Bourbon
    • Harvest: August - September 2017
    • Altitude: 1350 masl
    • Region: Cristina, Mantiqueira de Minas, Minas Gerais
  • Espresso Recipe
    • 20g

      ground coffee dose

    • 26

      seconds brew time

    • 47g

      espresso shot yield

    • 94º

      brew temperature

    Our espresso recipes are developed on a La Marzoco Linea PB, using a Victoria Arduino Mythos One grinder. We encourage you to play around to meet your personal tastes and equipment setup.

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