Andres Ruiz Espresso

$16 per 250g


Producer Andres Guevara Ruiz owns and manages the La Palma farm in the La Coipa district of San Ignacio. Harvested in August when the cherries have reached an optimum level of maturation and sweetness, coffee from La Palma is processed on the farm using traditional fermentation tanks and eco pulpers.

To avoid any deterioration in quality, the cherries are de-pulped and washed in fermentation tanks on the same day they are picked. After 14-18 hours in the tanks, the wet parchment is dried on trays in a multi-tiered drying structure which was purpose-built by Andres to achieve even drying across all beans.

Andres has been a member of Sol y Cafe Cooperative since March 2008. Sol y Cafe offer a reward system for producers who consistently deliver high quality parchment. This specific lot has been produced under this reward scheme.

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